The Sunshine Castle offers the following exhibitions and displays and service areas to guests - upon admission guests are able to go on the self walk tour of th Castle and enjoy everything that there is to see at their own leisure 2:   CASTLE COURTYARD with the Kings Table, Fireplace, Pillory, Stage and Moat RECEPTION HALL with mounted Knight in full armory, XENA’s Throne and BALLISTA GREAT HALL for the Kings FEASTING NIGHTS with his trophies and exhibits DUNGEON BATTLEMENT LOOKOUT in the CIRCULAR TOWER & DIORAMAS visit the KING'S CHAPEL (Old Ferry Master Hut) 24 m LOOKOUT TOWER with view from the Coast to the Hinterland DAILY TREASURE HUNTS for Children with a treat from the Kings Treasure Dancing Dolls, Miniature City, Toy and Doll Museum, Fairytale Diaramas, Model Train Railway. Lord of the Rings display, International bow and arrows display, Siege of a Castle Display, James Cooks Travel s Display and a unique master carved Nativity Scene New Castles of the world display in the Castle Gallery CASTLE CAFE - now fully licensed - serving food and drinks from 9:30am - 4:30pm daily.(No admission to visit the Cafe or Gift/Toy shop) SOUVENIR/RETAIL GIFT SHOP    
Sunshine Castle 2011