The Castle Cafe

Our Cafe offers a small menu of items - where you will find something for everyone. Our Cafe Terrace and newly painted Children's side terrace and courtyard offer visitors an idyllic and fun setting to enjoy a meal or snack. We have a full range of organic coffees available and a fully licensed Bar Menu. We can cater to vegetarians and gluten free customers.

Our pricing is competitive with other Cafes in our area, the portions generous and good quality.

The Castle Cafe can be visited for a meal, snack, coffee or drink - without having to pay admission. The Cafe is open daily from 9.30am - 4.30pm

We look forward to offering you our royal welcome

Castle Inn Fayre


 The Inn Snacks


Castle Chips w tomato sauce $5.00


Knightly Hotdog german Knackwurst (sausage) in bun $7.00


 Trader's Currywurst sausage w fries & curry-tom sauce $8.00


 Squire's Nachos w chunky salsa, cheese & sour cream $10.00


 Wicked Wedges w sweet chilli and sour cream $10.00


Young Royal Delight's


 Magical Curly Fries w tomato sauce & mayo $3.50


 Fairy Bread 2 slices of bread with 100'sn1000's $4.00


 Dragon's Tail german frankfurter sausage in a half bun $4.50


 Merlin's Treasurechicken breast nuggets with fries $6.50


Jesters Toasties & Wraps (extras 50 cents)


Salad Sandwich cheese & salad $6.00


 Prince's Sandwich ham, cheese & tomato $6.50


 Princess's Sandwich smokedchicken, C*,L* & mayo $7.00


 Queen B's Wrap smoked chicken, C*,L*, pineapple $8.50


Main Royal Meals


Pirate's Fish & Chips$12.00


Castle Lambshank w gravy, mash and side salad $20.00


Royal German Sausage Platter for 2 $25.00 :


2 dragon tails, 2 Knackwurst and Traders Currywurst w fries & sauerkraut



Sunshine Castle 2011