School & Vacation Care Packages

Package One
Unguided Castle Tour and Treasure Hunt

● 1.5 hours on site (including 30 min break)
● All ages
● All sizes
● $9 per Child

This package offers an affordable and easy way for you and your students to visit the castle.
On arrival, you will be greeted by a staff member in costume. Outstanding payments and Risk assessment forms will be collected.
The students shall then be put into teams and given our treasure hunt, where they must find the clues hidden throughout the Castle. Students who complete the treasure hunt correctly are rewarded with a treasure from the King's Treasure Chest, which consists of a lolly or small toy.

Teachers and adults take full responsibility for the safety and well being of all students whilst they are in the Castle grounds.

Package Two
Sir Justyn Junior Jousting, Archery & Medieval Workshop.

● 2.5 hours on site (including 30 min break)
● 6 yrs +
● Minimum 15 Children
● $22 per Child

Sir Justyn & his team are dedicated performers, reenactors & educators. There are many types of displays & show formats that Sir Justyn uses for various engagements. Combat displays are popular & can range in levels of intensity from fun or mild to frighteningly realistic. Sir Justyn brings History to Life!

Components of his school workshops can include  
•    Educational Medieval Life /Armoury Display & Talk
•    Squire School
•    Archery and Junior Jousting Activities
•    Combat display (if numbers require 2 reenactors only)
•    Self guided tour and treasure hunt (with your own active supervisors)


Superviser / Teacher Requirements.
Please note, it is a requirement that for each group of 8 children (5 for under 6) there is at least 1 adult to accompany them through the Castle and actively supervise their groups.
Teachers and adults take full responsibility for the safety and well being of all students whilst they are in the Castle grounds. Active Supervisers are required to sign an active supervision form.
Supervisory adults and teachers (as per quota) may enter for free (only additional food will be charged).
Extra adults are able to enter at kids prices when part of your group.

Activities Add-ons:
•    Circus school activities from $120 per 30 minutes ($200 for 1 hour) (Maximum participants 25-30) – ET Circus
•    Fairy Fun – from $120 per 30 minutes ($200 for 1 hour)
•    Junior Jousting or Archery $120 per 30 minutes ($200 for 1 hour)
•    Balloon Magic Show $350 – 40 Minutes


1. Lunch Bags $6.50 (Can be mixed for your group as long as final orders are in at least 5 days prior to arrival)
a.    Maidens combo - wholemeal ham'n'cheese sandwich, biscuit, apple and juice popper
b.    Dragontail combo - hot dog and fries + juice popper
c.    Knights combo - chickenbreast nuggets + fries + juice popper

2. Peasants feast $8.50 (ordered per group) –
•    Bratwurst/knackwurst sausages + fresh bread + apple + magic potion and water

3. Mini Medieval Feast $12 (ordered per group) –
•    Chicken drumettes, bratwurst sausages, potato wedges, vegetable & fruit platter, magic potion and water


Vacation Care Groups

Due to the high volume of visitors during school holidays - special arrangements may need to be made for larger groups and their bags - where they can sit etc. One of our staff will assist you in finding the best solutions on the day.

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